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Learn how to use Photoshop to

Design yourGram

with Identity King

You do not have to keep chasing us (designers) around for your basic content design needs.

  • Discover the easier approaches to Photoshop thats unique to Identity King

  • Learn how to create jaw-dropping flyers and designs using Photoshop

  • Get FREE Lifetime access to Adobe Photoshop 2020 (both Mac and Windows)

  • Practical live-training sessions on Zoom with Identity King (Group Training)

Some of the Designs we created in DYG Course.

Look at the world we are in today. Everything has become so much about appearance than it is about substance. Nobody really cares about the real content of the book (your brand) because there are way too many books (competitors) on the bookshelf (market). 

Everyone Judges your Book by its Cover. Every Freaking Time!


So everyone uses what your brand looks like to make their decisions. If your brand is not visually appealing, a large number of your prospects will not patronize you. Even if they patronize you, they will likely not be willing to refer you to opportunities.


Simply because your brand doesn't look fresh enough, a lot of people won't even want to send you testimonials or take pictures with you. Everyone wants to associate with the most beautiful brand online.


With an ugly brand, you might be making some sales here and there, but you will be making a whole lot more sales when you add elements of Baddd Ass Designs (Photoshop) to your brand.

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

Every brand needs design. The problem is High-Quality designs are very very expensive to afford these days.

We (Baddd Ass Designers) are expensive because the demand for our designs is Freaking High! Its 2020 every brand needs a Baddd Ass Designer in order to succeed in Business!

Big brands are willing to pay a whole lot more, so we kinda get selfish most times and charge what we believe we are worth.

I have owned multiple businesses in the and I still own a business, so I know it's hard to convince prospects to trust you online. Due to past experiences, a prospect naturally doesn't trust anyone.

What I learned however is, even if a prospect doesn't trust you, at least make them Like You Brand with your Baddd Ass Designs.

The majority of online small business owners don't even know Photoshop is easy. Very easy. So easy you can create amazing designs for your brand by yourself!

I know what it's like to need a highly valuable skill like Design for your brand and not see anyone that can point you in the right direction.


What is Photoshop and how does it work?

How do you even install Photoshop on that your idle Laptop?

What type of posts do you need to create for your brand? 


There are too many tutorials on YouTube and everywhere but no one cares about Online Small Businesses enough to show how easy Photoshop is.

Everyone is selfish naturally, learning photoshop on my own wasn't easy. I spent over 5 years procrastinating this course because I was fully focused on building my business and making money.


Trying to learn Photoshop on your own can even get depressing. Don't get yourself depressed, let me hold your hands and teach you how to design before you spend all your money on us (Baddd Ass Designers).


It's not their (our) fault that they (we) are expensive, it's 2020 and every business needs the best Brand Designers. This means the demand is too HIGH, hence the upward movement in our rates.


This also opens a wide room of opportunity for people that want to start a career as a Photoshop Designer. The demand for design is too high for us at the top and it breaks my heart every time I turn a small business owner away due to their budget constraints.

The King releases his Photoshop secrets!

Hear from some of my students & Clients

I have been using Photoshop for over 8 years now,

who else can strip it apart for you? 

I know what it's like to not know something and not see anyone that can point you in the right direction. No one is teaching you Online Small Business owners how to design for your Online Brands. Don't worry, I have really searched. They don't exist.


I actually started my career as a Graphic Designer in Unilag, 2012. I chose to go deeper into Brand Identity in 2014,  when I started receiving calls from clients, thanking me for helping them make more money. In 2017, I resigned and started a branding & printing company, called Xpress NG.

Then Covid happened and everything BUSTED!


I started XpressNG from my parent's living room and now its in my own iving room.

What I learned during my time of business before Covid however is, it is very hard to convince prospects, most especially Nigerian Prospects to patronize you. They just don't trust anyone because either them or someone around then has been scammed online.

Being an online entrepreneur at XpressNG showed me hands-on how much customers react to beautiful brands. Everyone always “Judges the Book by its Cover” and if your cover is not fresh, they wont just like you, talkless of trusting you with their money.


This discovery led me to close some big deals with companies like PZ Cussons, Maersk, Union Bank, UBA and many more big brands that I never dreamed of closing from my parent’s living room.


I literally photoshopped my entire business online to look the part so I could compete with fellow big brands. Like I was told by my coach Steve Harris, my competitors are not those at the bottom but the Top 5 in the industry. So my brand has to look the part and Attract Attention.


Even when Covid-19 and tried to scatter everything in March 2020, I was fast to start photoshopping my new brand @identity_king to stardom 🌟  on the side.


Photoshop is a Life-Saving skill. Yes! Photoshop saved my life and it can save yours, if only you know how to use it.


Imagine what would happen to your brand if you could create Baddd Ass Design for your brand by yourself, and not have to pay us (Baddd Ass Designers) everytime


Or you choose to learn photoshop in order to start a business helping other brands create designs. What will you do with that extra money in this Pandemic?


It doesn't have to be used for small businesses. Every Fortune 500 company uses Design to grow their Brands

Knowing Photoshop is changing my life drastically.

I do not fear recession or anything because I know I can always Design my way back.

Click the link below to get access to everything you need about using Photoshop to​ Design Your Gram.

The current price is


The price increases to N20,000 soon

#DYGwithKing Expectations

After taking Design Your Gram Online Course with Identity King, you will be able to

Use the tools, layer styles, adjustment layers, smart objects, Filters, Shortcuts, layer masks, Artboard...

Create  breathtaking designs using Photoshop 

Design any mockup for your business using Photoshop

Make basic photo manipulations

Design Carousels (almost) like Identity King

Create Unlimited Bad Ass content for your Gram

Make simple animations and video content for any of your Social Media pages using Photoshop.

Use the knowledge to Start a Social Media design agency and help other small businesses create

Attract Attention

I used the VIP Design Process for the Designs Below

I know they look complicated, trust me Photoshop is so easy, basic efforts turn out amazing. Wait till you watch the VIP Design Process in Module 3.

For me, that's the climax of DYGwithKIng

A skill as simple as Photoshop is essential to transforming your brand.


Knowing Photoshop is changing my life drastically.

I do not fear recession or anything because I know I can always Design my way back.

The current price is

N10,000 | $10

The price doubles soon. It's usually unannounced

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Online Course


This package includes

  • A 27 Video Online Course

50% off



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Private Training

This package includes

  • Direct Access to King

  • Live Practical Zoom Sessions

  • Live Q&A Zoom Sessions

  • Email Support

50% off



Some of my


Module 1

Introduction to Design your Gram

  • Welcome to                    Design your Gram

  • Getting things set up

  • Principles of Design

  • Software Setup

  • Installing Brushes

Module 2

Basics of Photoshop

  • Workspace Breakdown

  • New Document Setup

  • 3 ways to trace


    Artboards & Smart Objects

  • Layer Masks

  • Adjustment Layers

  • Layer Styles

  • 3 ways to save for Gram

  • Useful Photoshop Shortcuts

  • Typography in Photoshop

  • Almighty Brush Tool

  • Useful Shortcuts *pdf

Module 3

Design Your Gram

  • Create a Digital Flyer

  • Create a simple quote post

  • Expand your design into a              Gram System

  • Photoshop basic photos

  • Designing a Carousel

  • How to export a carousel

  • Resizing your designs

  • VIP Design Process

Learn Photoshop

from the Best

Seats are filling up quickly.


Register now and save 50%. 


This Bootcamp will only be held twice in a year and will not come back till June, 2021.

Group Class is also limited.

My Clients

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...and hundreds of other brands.

Here's what people have to say about Identity King

I once stumbled on a design I really loved which I believe was a major turning point in my career as a graphic designer.


I was still a student in UNILAG at that time and I was helping a friend design election campaign posters with some basic photoshop skills. It was nothing serious, and I really wasn't impressed with my designs despite my friend being very appreciative since he's getting them for free.


My friend started referring me to other people who needed similar services and were ready to pay. This was the point I knew I needed to improve my skills.


All efforts made proved abortive due to limited resources until the day I stumbled on the design I talked about earlier. I saw this said design on a friend's Bbm post and asked to know the designer, only to find out we school in the same University.


I got his number and gathered the courage to reach out, and this was the first time I spoke to the "Identity King" (or mrSammie as he goes by then). Long story short, we met and I persuaded him to critic my previous works and also asked that I see his design process (like literally watch him work).


He obliged, and I can't begin to tell you the tremendous impact that encounter had in my life till this date. I have earned years of quality work experience as a creative freelance graphic designer, and I have had the pleasure of working with quite a number of brands in various industries.


Sammie is a very good friend of mine today and one who motivates and inspires me a lot to this day.



I could remember far back in 2017 when i was in my final year, at that point i knew i needed to up my graphics game with more spice, that was when i met Sammie on instagram. We had a few discussions on the internet and he finally agreed to meet up, i was scared lol, because that was the first time I’m meeting someone from Instagram, but to be honest, till date I’m glad i took the risk because that meetup changed my perspective as a graphic designer. He gave me insights, taught me things, especially how to design faster and better, how to have confidence in stating my price to anyone who needed my service, how to make my work standout from other designers through effective branding. Till date Sammie the Identity King critic my designs whenever I’m doing it wrong, sometimes i wish i can just download his brain, lol, which is why he is a great mentor to me.

Afolabi Oluwatosin

When I met Sammie in 2016, he was a young designer with very bright ideas.


However, I didn't really believe how intentional we could be about our brand's positioning till we finished the packaging of our Ewa Aganyin and Spice brands.

It was very evident in our sales that there was something about our packaging. It was constantly being loved and picked up by new customers.

We sell out our competitors consistently and this is partly thanks to the work done with Identity King.

He has helped us achieve a lot of our visual imaginations and interpreted it in the best light possible to our customers.

Over the years, Sammie have helped us brand various products and projects. Including our Sherrys Express outlet in UK. Everyone fell in love with the approach we too in branding our outlet.

Thank you for helping us express our ideas.

Identity is Everything

Adrian Ajala 

Meet the King

Sammie is Identity King and Founder, CEO of Xpress NG. A Branding Agency that helps businesses improve their customers' loyalty, trust and inevitably sales using appealing Visual Identity strategies.


Over the course of 8 years, King has been privileged to help some of the biggest brands in the world, alongside hundreds of SMEs improve sales using Identity.

After 3 successful years of being a Celebrity Graphic Design student in Unilag and winning multiple awards. Including the  Scream All Youth Awards in 2015 as Creative Personality of the Year.


He moved on to work for Alpha and Jam after graduation in order to improve his skills drastically.

After graduating with a Finance degree from Unilag(which he never used), he dedicated himself to mastery in the field of Branding & Design.


After years of learning, countless hours of tutorial videos, and hundreds of projects delivered, he discovered the hidden secrets to brand design and now, he is on a mission to share this with the rest of the world.

Alpha and Jam is a strong force in the Marketing Industry that has also won multiple awards and is currently disrupting the Out Of Home segment of Advertising across Africa.

He is a




By July 2017, he had worked with multiple agencies, gathered experience then he resigned to start Xpress NG. In order to get more experience in Brand Identity for Printing, and to make more money of course.

King has helped several hundreds of brands solve Brand Identity problems and is now willing to show online Business Owners what no one is willing to show them.

Sammie is experienced with Branding, Motion Graphics, Marketing, Printing, Product Packaging, Web design, Entrepreneurship and many more.

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