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Do you believe that you can launch a business on Day 1 and start making money on the same Day 1? At the same time, you can also launch a business and not see one single customer for 12 months.

The main ingredient for online patronage is Trust!


While this is not a money-making course, one of the best metrics for measuring the success of your branding efforts is sales. Like we all know, the primary purpose of branding is to earn trust. Meaning, your business makes money whenever people trust your brand enough to patronize you.


So, you can jumpstart a business overnight and start making money the following day, provided that there is sufficient “trust” in place.

Although you can make money in your business without intentionally “branding”, you won’t be able to sustain your business, keep your Customer Acquisition Cost low, and retain customers long-term without being intentional about your branding. It definitely goes beyond a logo, business card, and whatever you thought branding might be.


If you have been doing business for at least 12 months, you should understand how important branding is by now.


The current generation of customers do not trust so easily and they are soooooo not loyal. They switch to the next vendor for the weirdest reason. So if you do not intentionally give them something to hold on to through your branding efforts, you will easily get tossed aside like disgusting trashy garbage.


That’s if your brand was ever felt by the audience from the get-go.


I have been talking about working on a course, where I show you how you can visualize, strategize and build the brand of your dreams for years now.


Click on the link below to join the Brand Uplift Academy.

First hear from some of my old students

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Dele Amaebite

Identity King is patient and highly knowledgeable. I learned a lot about how to brand, design and position my business from him. I would definitely recommend his services.


Nelly Agbogu

This guy is truly good at what he does. He taught me how to use Photoshop and other media branding tools you have been seeing me churn out which has increased my following drastically.


Munah Alli

Meeting Identity King has been really helpful for me. I now look forward to posting quality content daily.

You greatly outdid yourself

sensei 🙌🏻

BUA is for you if:

you are an online entrepreneur looking to build a solid brand for your business.

your need clarity on what type of content you are to create on social media

you are looking to ditch your 9-5 and launch a successful online brand for your business

you have been praying for direct access to Identity King in order to ask questions.

you want to be able to guarantee results on the branding investments you make in your business.

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With over 10 years brand identity experience and 4 years practical online business experience...
I am the one you've been looking for all your life.

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Hire us to Uplift Your Brand

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June 5th, 2022


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