Get rewarded for your efforts in your branding by being consistent.

No matter what business you are into, it is human beings that will patronize you. Even if you are Elon Musk and you are transacting with Aliens on Mars, it's going to be a similar formula.

When you are consistent with your branding, your business gets rewarded for your efforts. Not every effort is a big effort.

Even when you do not have a big budget, effort is effort.

For instance, your audience will reward you with remembering your brand if you are consistent with your colors.

Your audience will be more likely to associate with your brand for looking appealing and presentable enough.

Their will to associate with your brand will earn your business more referrals and testimonials.

A premium audience will be happy to spend more money on your brand if you package your product in a box.

Many times, people are willing to pay X2 upwards for unique branded services like product customization.

Basically, when you do the right things, you get the right results.

You are not getting results because you probably don't know the things that you need to put in place.

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