How to get people to pay more money for premium value

This is real life. I was still a student in UNILAG when I made this discovery. Ever since then, I stopped positioning as my brand to attract the “regular” audience. It became “Premium” or nothing.

My Personal Brand then, “Mr Sammie Design Studios” was premium

My Printing Company, “Xpress HQ” was premium

My Jersey Brand, “Merched” was premium

This our brand, Identity King, it is premium

In order to be positioned as premium, you need to be very expressive with what you bring to the table and also be intentional with how you present the values that you bring to the table.

So long as people are clear on the additions that your service offering will deliver to them, they will go out of their way & budget to get serviced by us.

For instance, at XpressHQ, we charge slightly higher than others, but we are clear on the Speed and Quality that you will be getting as a result of working with us.

So, if you do not need quality and speed, you are free to move on to the next printer that can help you with something cheap. We don’t even go out of our way to convince you of the quality of our Designs & Prints, it's crystal clear on our page.

One more thing, we do not even onboard clients without receiving 100% payment upfront. It’s a policy that helps us ensure delivery of Speed & Quality. Well, except it’s a well known large corporation.

Small businesses pay 100% upfront or we move!

90% of the time, we are not allowed to move because…

Who won’t want @xpresshq to design and print for their brand?

Branding is largely about expression first, then acceptance follows based on individual perception.

You dig?

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