How to stick your Tagline into your audience's subconscious mind.

Your tagline is that short phrase/sentence that you use to get people to remember your brand. It is usually catchy, short & memorable. Nike is a sports/lifestyle brand. Their tagline, “Just do it” is how they remind us of what they stand for Your tagline doesn't really have to be as vague and broad as Nike’s own. It can be;

  • the problem you solve;

  • your market positioning;

  • your promise

  • your core values

It basically is a summary of what you bring to the table. For instance , at Xpress, when we say “Identity is Everything” or “Speed and Quality delivered in 24 hours”, we are not just joking.

We used those taglines to attract the specific audience that needed branding services delivered urgently without compromising quality. When you get your tagline, use it and use it and use it and use it. Sprinkle it everywhere. It helps people remember your brand for what you bring to the table. Why are you not using it yet? Do you have a goal you are looking to achieve with your brand? I am the solution to your problems You meet bad guys like me only once in a decade. Take advantage today.

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